Zoom H6

This little gadget, which never appears in any videos on camera, and I could barely find a picture of it, is one of the best devices I ever owned. I bought this unit back in 2014, so I use it for many many years already. And it doesn't show any signs of aging and in fact, they still sell it! And it works great. It will do anything you throw at it, it's versatile, convenient, portable.

I'm a huge Zoom fan and owned a lot of their recorders... H2, H4, H4n, Q3HD, and now H6.

I remember trying crazy things with it and realising it could make it all with ease. It can record up to 6 instruments or microphones with an optional dongle and I did that. It can record a guitar to your computer without any latency with as many effects as you like and that blew me away.

I think it's outstanding value for money and I'm happy to work with great technology like this.