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Prices and Examples

Price-wise, for a custom video, that’s incredibly hard to put a price tag on. Because I work up to a standard, and not down to a price.

I can help you with a lot of musical things. I can transcribe stuff, and write it down. I'm a top-rated contributor on the Ultimate Guitar website and have been uploading tabs since 2006.

But for the price, you can calculate it at $40/hr for private lessons and $20-30/hr for everything else. For instance, if the song I'm transcribing or writing down chords for is fairly easy and takes an hour, it's just $20. If it's an advanced song with lots of chords and changes, it may take up to 5 hours to write it down correctly.

Things I can do and teach:

— Explain my videos in more detail
— Guitar tricks and techniques
— Learning songs and tunes

Things I can't do, but can discuss:

— Improvisation
— Songwriting

See you soon! Pavel.

What I try to do with a song is craft it. I try to craft a song with pride and I try to make something that's going to last — Mark Knopfler