My Recording Setup

This is the most basic, minimum amount of effort I can come up with to record somewhat quality content on YouTube. It may look crazy at first, but it’s really all about the necessities. For the guitar I want two large diaphragm microphones, no less, so that’s there in stereo (around 200$ each), I record the voice with an instrumental mic (works sort of like a boom mic, 200$), I’ve got two cameras: my old DSLR (200$), my iPhone (priceless in this case, because I need a phone anyway), it all goes into an audio interface (300$), and record sound straight on to my laptop (which I happen to have anyway, again). I use basic lights, backdrops, stands, and cords, resulting in less than 1500$ in equipment excluding a phone and a laptop that I have anyway. And also an old monitor which was lying in the attic for 10 years or so.

Next goes preparing the lesson, which can take anywhere from one evening to a month depending on the song, the monitor I use is not for teleprompter thing, I use it to see the feed from the DSLR camera because I can’t see the little screen on the device itself, and for my iPhone angle, I transfer the picture on my laptop WHILE it records the audio. And boom! Here you have it. I always edit the video the same night I’ve recorded it, so there’s no lag whatsoever. From the moment I shot the video and hit the upload button, sometimes it can take 2-3 hours of work. I work really fast. I have to say preparing and recording a lesson like mine is much harder than you think, so here’s a little glimpse of how I do it.

Overall, I think it is worth doing and I love it.