For now, there is only one way to help me

DonationAlerts is a Russian donation platform, registered in the Netherlands, and is a 100% legal and safe alternative to Patreon and PayPal. More info on the current situation is below the button.

As everyone is focused on helping Ukraine in this horrible conflict, rightfully so, a lot of regular Russians were affected by this crisis quite badly, me included. Of course, I'm not affected as badly as all the Ukrainians that were forced to leave their country as refugees or who died or lost their loved ones. I suffered differently.

Unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia meant to take a big impact on our economy, and as a result, I lost my job, as I work in the international tourism business, and now it's impossible to travel or work with people abroad. Our company even managed to survive the pandemic, but not this:

For the time being, working with Russia is out of the question. And probably will for years.

The whole of March 2022 I tried to find another job and failed, looks like the competition for a few available jobs is too severe, or I need to switch my field of work completely, go to school again, it all takes a lot of time and effort.

So maybe, I'll be able to sustain my life a little bit with Boosty and DonationAlerts. Boosty is the Russian version of Patreon, the platform for content creators. Patreon and PayPal don't work in Russia anymore, so as Spotify, Airbnb, you name it.

In the meantime, I’ll try to switch my occupation and find another job and make my videos as usual. I don’t want to sell my guitars or work as a taxi driver, not yet.

Boosty and DA are backed by VK, the biggest Russian social media platform. So privacy and transparency are guaranteed. I tested it myself and it works fine. Keep in mind, seems like it works with Russian roubles only, and 100 RUB is approximately 1 USD.

Millions of people use both services every day and make payments through them all over the world, and they are safe to use, I use them myself. But still, if you don't trust them because they are from Russia, or because it's VK, or for any other reason, then I can totally get it.

I'm going to continue producing videos, as suddenly it became the only thing I can earn from. I never planned to do this, but life had other plans. I hope not to offend or upset anyone with this request.

Donation is up to you!

I just reached 18,000 subscribers and can’t be more thankful. Let’s hope for sunshine after rain. And I’ll try to continue working in international tourism. Music tourism, that is. The world’s reaction to this crisis has given me a lot of confidence in what I do. If people are united for the right thing, they can do anything, no matter what language they speak and where they live.


What I try to do with a song is craft it. I try to craft a song with pride and I try to make something that's going to last — Mark Knopfler