I'm not a professional teacher and in general, I don't want people to give me money for my lessons. But as it's the only real way to do something more than "thank you", and especially when people approach you willing to make a donation, I just can't say "no" and will accept the gesture.

For the last few years that I've been making videos, and to this day I do it in my spare time, however, it feels like the second job and takes more and more time, so my energy goes down and down. So If you're willing to make a donation and support me, there are at least two different ways:
You support me just by watching my videos because I do have the YouTube Partnership and have a little income out of that. And be sure all the money will be spent wisely: either on new strings, music downloads or new equipment. Thank you. Pavel.

What I try to do with a song is craft it. I try to craft a song with pride and I try to make something that's going to last — Mark Knopfler